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I honestly have nothing but great things to say about Nick and his firm. Unfortunately, I fell victim to identity theft and I found myself with a judgment I had no idea was imposed upon me, facing an uphill battle, with really no idea how to resolve this issue aside from paying a huge amount of money I never incurred.

I was seeking help from various attorneys that I found online, and I stressfully spent a lot of my days speaking with various firms while trying to balance work and parenting duty. After making many calls, many didn’t bother to call me back, some scheduled calls they never fulfilled, some offered me referrals to other attorneys, and one just told me to speak with the bank directly and come up with a payment plan. Overall, I felt that many of these attorneys simply did not care. I had pretty much lost hope when I came across Nick’s firm and gave him a call. Immediately there was a difference in the treatment I received. Nick took his time to hear me out and provide me with his assessment and advice for several options we could take. I no longer felt hopeless.

Going into this process, I knew it would take a significant amount of time to go through the motions. Throughout the lengthy process, I never felt that Nick was too busy to take my phone calls, answer my questions, and help provide me with advice for different aspects of my case. He was always very upfront with his assessments and really helped me understand the different paths/outcomes for my case. Nick consistently provided advice which was in my best interest, despite some of these options being to his detriment.

Long story short, after working with Nick and following his guidance, he was able to help me reverse (yes, REVERSE!) a judgment imposed on me, have the fraudulent debt waived, and helped me receive compensation from the bank that had the judgment against me! I am truly grateful to have been lucky enough to have Nick on my side through this ordeal. I realize everyone’s situation will differ, but if you ever find yourself in a similar predicament, or something even remotely unrelated where you feel Nick may be able to assist, I would definitely recommend reaching out to Nick to determine if there might be something he can possibly help you with.


I’d reached out following being informed my info was part of a massive data breach of T-Mobile last year, having been referred by the San Diego Bar Association. Nick had a small amount of knowledge of the breach and cases existing at that time and promised to get back to me once looked into further, reaching out following. While his firm was not able to take the case, he did provide some further insight as to where the other cases are at and a firm that could assist. It was nice to see this sort of integrity and follow through even when it meant having to send the business elsewhere. Thank you!

Sean C.

Unfortunately needed lawyer to help with ‘problems’ I’d gotten into in Riverside County. Nick was sharp, thorough & handled everything great! He was able to resolve my situation painlessly.

Kevin G.

Nick was very prompt with answers to my questions via phone and email. He was thorough and helpful, I’d work with him again if needed. He seemed patient and knowledgeable about the possibilities of my case. I’d recommend him.

Carol N.

Excellent team. If you need legal assistance, consultation and someone you can confide your legal debacle to — this is your team. You will get your answer, feel satisfied and know that the team is trying to help you.

Ardy B.

Nick Barthel is an excellent attorney. His work for me has been stellar. Nick is not only highly professional but has great expertise, and is very thorough. I highly recommend him.

J. Heather

I didn’t know what to do, being sued is such a blindsiding experience. Calling Nick was the best decision I made. He took care of everything and was very capable, knowledgeable, and affordable. He worked with our budget! I will call this guy for everything!


Nick did an amazing job guiding us through an identity theft scenario. He was highly responsive and gave clear guidance throughout. The debt collector stopped trying to collect from us and we got the fraudulent debt removed from our credit reports thanks to his persistence and expertise throughout the process. I can’t recommend him highly enough.


I have seen both Barthels in action and know that they will put everything they have into your case!

Matthew L.

Worked with Nick on a few different occasions and received the same excellent service each time. He was professional, timely and organized. Always had my best interest in mind and would communicate all developments with me in ways that I would grasp. He understands that not everyone (like me) comes equipped with the ability to read & comprehend law documents so he makes it a priority to break things down in digestible bits, if needed. His transparency and unrelenting willingness to help gave me much comfort in knowing I was in the best hands possible. Highly highly recommend – Nick will always be my first call going forward.

Richard B.

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. Gary was kind, helpful, professional and extremely thorough with our case. He came up with great solutions, I would absolutely recommend using Gary Barthel.

Mackinzie P.

Over the course of several years, I have retained Mr. Nick Barthel to represent me in three separate, mutually unrelated cases. In each case, Mr. Barthel was able to obtain a favorable settlement. At all times, he and his firm kept my interests in the forefront. Mr. Barthel was always readily available to discuss the particulars of my cases, and skillfully used the evidence provided to obtain the desired outcomes.

Pete A.

Working with Nick was great. He communicated throughout the whole process. He was always on top of things and made sure to follow up. I will definitely work with Nick again should the need arise.

Victor S.

Gary was integral in helping my son with a Marine Corps dispute. Because of his clear communication and professionalism, my son’s issues were resolved quickly and without incident. It was extremely helpful having someone that could advocate for my son and had access to Camp Pendleton! I cannot thank Gary enough for his help!

B. Stuart
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