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When you lose your job, it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. However, after months of searching, you may find that perfect listing online. After applying and going through a quick and easy interview, you got the job! After submitting your direct deposit information, you may stop hearing from your new employer. Unfortunately, you may be the victim of identity theft from fake job listings. If this reflects your circumstances, you’ll want to keep reading to learn more about how and why this happens and why it’s in your best interest to connect with a San Diego County identity theft lawyer.

How Can Fake Job Listings Lead to Identity Theft?

When you apply for a fake job listing, you may find that the person on the other end collecting your information isn’t a hiring manager but a scammer. By applying for the job, you’re giving the person all your sensitive information, like your full name, address, and phone number. While this is risky, when you get the “job” and submit your banking information and social security number for pay and tax purposes, the thief can use this information to steal your identity.

These fake job listings may even go so far as to have potential candidates email the company’s hiring manager. When potential applicants do research, they may feel comfortable emailing the manager, as they are a real person. However, the scammers will create a fake email, so your information is sent to the thief instead of a legitimate person.

How Can I Tell if a Job Posting is Legitimate?

When searching for a job, there are steps you can take to determine the validity of a job listing. Generally, if the job seems “too good to be true,” it just might be.

You should always research to verify the company before submitting personal information through their website or a job listing platform. If you’ve never heard of the company before, you should check the internet or place a call to ensure they are a legitimate business. If the position is for a reputable company, be sure to check the website they have linked in the posting. Some scammers will create duplicate websites that look almost identical to the legitimate websites of the company they are imitating.

If you believe you’ve applied for or provided information to a fake job listing, understanding what you must do to mitigate potential damages is critical. You should connect with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to explore your legal options. At Barthel Legal, our dedicated team can help you take the necessary steps to reclaim your identity and prevent potential damages. Connect with us today to learn how we can assist you.