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As an adult, understanding what you must do to protect your finances is crucial. This includes your credit score, which is arguably one of the most critical aspects of your financial circumstances. Your score is determined by the information in your credit report. However, when someone steals your identity, fraudulent charges can be attributed to your account, leaving you in dire circumstances. The following explores the most common signs of identity theft to prevent irreversible damages from occurring and the preventative measures you can take. Additionally, you will discover how a San Diego County identity theft lawyer can help you recover if you are a victim.

What Signs of Identity Theft Should I Look For?

Understanding the most common signs of identity theft is crucial, as these warning signs will allow you to take immediate action to limit the damage done. If you ignore these signs, it can cause irreparable damage to your finances.

By far, one of the most common signs of identity theft is unauthorized charges on your credit card or transactions on your bank account. This is often a clear indicator that someone has accessed your sensitive information and is using your name to make purchases. It’s vital to frequently check your statements to look for any charges you do not recognize. If you discover one, you should contact the financial institution immediately and request a freeze on your accounts to prevent further damage.

You should also frequently review your credit report, as this contains information regarding accounts you’ve opened, loans you’ve taken out, and payment dates. If you notice accounts you never opened, this can be a sign of identity theft. While it may be a data entry mix-up, you should still take the necessary steps to secure your accounts and have the information removed from your account. Reviewing your credit report can help ensure you catch the theft quickly.

Finally, if you receive calls and texts from creditors or receive emails from companies regarding an account in your name that you never opened, this can be a sign that your identity has been compromised. If you are receiving calls from creditors, the debt has likely moved to collections, meaning the theft likely occurred months prior.

If I Believe I’m a Victim, What Should I Do?

Discovering you may be an identity theft victim can be devastating. Not only does it feel like a violation of privacy, but it can also destroy the credit you’ve worked hard to protect. As such, it is imperative to connect with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

At Barthel Legal, we understand the impact identity theft can have on victims. That’s why our team is committed to fighting for the best possible outcome for those affected. Contact us today to learn how we can guide you through the recovery process to help you reclaim your life.