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Whether you apply for a car loan or a new credit card, you may be shocked to discover you were denied. When you check your credit report and find an error impacting your financial goals, it’s crucial to understand the steps you must take to remedy these inaccuracies. The following blog explores how a San Diego County credit reporting error lawyer can help you file a credit report dispute when you discover incorrect information on your account.

What Errors Warrant a Credit Report Dispute?

You may believe that due to the imperative role they play in a person’s finances, inaccuracies on credit reports would be rare. However, this is far from the truth. Unfortunately, these errors are common, leading to a number of issues for consumers.

The first category of errors surrounds incorrect personal information. This will not impact your credit score but can lead to your applications being denied as the details are inconsistent. Errors include incorrect spellings of your name, outdated or incorrect addresses, listing you as deceased, or associating an incorrect social security number with your information.

The next category of errors can directly impact your credit score. These include listing incorrect balances, duplicate debt listings, including inaccurate information as to when you opened or closed your account, reporting you as the account owner when you are an authorized user, or reporting false information after it was already corrected.

How Do I File a Dispute?

If you want to file a dispute to have incorrect information removed from your account, the first thing you must do is create a letter. This must include your contact information, report confirmation number, and each error you would like fixed with proof of the error. Be sure to clearly explain why you are disputing the information and attach a copy of your report with the incorrect information highlighted or circled. Once this letter is complete, you must mail it to the appropriate reporting agency. You should send this through certified mail and request a return receipt, as this provides proof your letter was delivered.

Generally, the agency has thirty days to review and remedy the error on your account or explain why the information listed is correct.

What Should I Do if I Need Additional Assistance?

If you have provided a detailed report as to why the error on your credit report is incorrect and needs to be removed or fixed but the credit reporting agency ignores your request or denies the dispute, it’s in your best interest to enlist the help of an experienced credit reporting attorney.

Your credit report plays a significant role in your financial decisions and future. As such, it is your right as a consumer to ensure the information is correct. If an agency refuses to remedy the error, the Law Office of Barthel Legal can assist. We understand how frustrating this can be, so we are dedicated to helping you during these challenging and complex legal matters. Contact our firm today to learn how our dedicated team can guide you through this process.