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Your credit score controls multiple areas of your life. As such, ensuring you monitor your credit report for errors is crucial. If you discover your credit report is untrue, it can cause many financial issues. However, it’s essential to understand that you can recover compensation for any damages endured due to a credit reporting bureau’s negligence. Keep reading to learn how a San Diego County credit reporting error lawyer can assist you in pursuing compensation for a credit report lawsuit.

Why Might I Need to File a Credit Report Lawsuit?

In the event you notice an error when reviewing your credit, you may take the appropriate steps to dispute its inclusion in your report. However, if the agency does not remove the error despite having proof of its inaccuracy, you may not know how to proceed. Unfortunately, this can cause a number of issues in your life that can impact your finances.

As such, you can pursue a credit report lawsuit against the negligent agency.

What Damages Can I Fight For?

If you’ve suffered as a result of unfair credit reporting, it’s important to understand that you are eligible to file a lawsuit for the damages you’ve suffered.

Most commonly, you can recover economic damages for any repercussions you’ve faced because of a credit reporting agency’s negligence. For example, if you were denied housing or a loan, or your financial institution lowered your credit limit, you can endure economic damages.

Unfortunately, financial issues can lead to stress and anxiety. As such, you may be able to pursue non-economic damages if you’ve experienced any emotional issues as a result. This includes depression and anxiety. However, these issues can lead to physical damage like high blood pressure or heart attacks. As such, you can recover compensation for the loss of enjoyment of life.

In the event you haven’t experienced any financial or emotional damages, you can file a lawsuit for statutory damages. Generally, you can recover up to $1,000 per violation. However, it must be proven that this violation was willful or reckless in order to recover compensation.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

When you are impacted by inaccurate credit reporting, understanding that you do not have to accept it as an accident is essential. Unfortunately, many people are affected by this practice, so ensuring you hold these companies responsible for their inaccurate reporting is essential.

Filing a lawsuit on your own is never simple, as there are many complexities that must be taken into consideration. As such, it’s in your best interest to enlist the help of an experienced attorney to guide you through this process.

At the Law Office of Barthel Legal, we understand how complicated these matters can be. As such, our dedicated team will fight to help you recover the damages you deserve by holding negligent agencies responsible. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you.