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Discovering that someone has used your identity can be incredibly unsettling, as you may feel violated by these actions. Not only is it troubling to know that someone has accessed your personal information, but it can also have devastating impacts on your credit. Unfortunately, many are unsure what steps to take after they have had their identity compromised to help repair their credit. If this reflects your circumstances, you’ll want to keep reading. The following blog explores what you should know about these matters and why it’s in your best interest to connect with an experienced San Diego County identity theft lawyer who can help guide you through this process.

What Impact Does Identity Theft Have on Credit?

When someone uses your personal information to open accounts or make purchases in your name, it can have a severe impact on your identity. This is because thieves often take out large sums of money in loans or purchases without paying them off. As such, you are left to bear the burden of these actions. You’ll also find that many do not check their credit reports regularly, meaning they may not notice the suspicious activity for a while. This can subsequently send the debt to collections, making the situation even more dire.

What Can I Do to Repair My Credit?

If you discover that you are the victim of identity theft, it’s important to understand the steps you can take to mitigate damage and repair your credit. Generally, the first thing you’ll want to do is report the theft. This includes filing a police report and submitting a report to the Federal Trade Commission. While identity theft can be complex for the police to pursue, having a filed report is beneficial when communicating with lenders.

Next, you’ll need to reach out to the lenders. This can help you explain the situation and submit necessary evidence to help dispute the charges. Finally, you’ll need to connect with the credit reporting bureaus. You should submit all the documents and evidence you have related to the theft, as the agencies will investigate the report to determine whether or not the information is correct. If they deem it incorrect, they will take steps to remove this information from your report.

How Can an Attorney Help Me?

As you can see, there are many factors that you’ll need to consider to have false and fraudulent information caused by identity theft removed from your credit report. That’s why it’s in your best interest to connect with an experienced attorney to explore your legal options during these matters.

At Barthel Legal, we understand that discovering someone has used your identity can be devastating. Not only can this cause you to suffer financially, but it can be terrifying to know someone has your confidential information. That’s why our team is dedicated to fighting for justice. We will do everything possible to help you reclaim your identity and repair your credit so you can move on from this chapter of your life. Connect with us today to learn how our firm can represent you during these matters.